Professional and Business Requirements of Architectural Engineers

Management of the building process is best performed by the individuals educated and trained in the profession, that is, architects and engineers. While the laws of various states and foreign countries differ, they are consistent relative to the registration requirements for practicing architecture. No individual may legally indicate to the public that he or she is entitled to practice as an architect without a professional certificate of registration as an architect registered in the locale in which the project is to be constructed. This individual is the registered architect. In addition to the requirements for individual practice of architecture, most states and countries require a certificate of registration for a single practitioner and a certificate of authorization for an entity such as a corporation or partnership to conduct business in that locale.
An architect is a person who is qualified by education, training, experience, and examination and who is registered under the laws of the locale to practice architecture there. The practice of architecture within the meaning and intent of the law includes:
Offering or furnishing of professional services such as environmental analysis, feasibility studies, programming, planning, and aesthetic and structural design Preparation of construction documents, consisting of drawings and specifications, and other documents required in the construction process Administration of construction contracts and project representation in connection with the construction of building projects or addition to, alteration of, or restoration of buildings or parts of building All documents intended for use in construction are required to be prepared and administered in accordance with the standards of reasonable skill and diligence of the profession. Care must be taken to reflect the requirements of country and state statutes and county and municipal building ordinances. Inasmuch as architects are licensed for the protection of the public health, safety, and welfare, documents prepared by architects must be of such quality and scope and be so administered as to conform to professional standards.
Nothing contained in the law is intended to prevent drafters, students, project representatives, and other employees of those lawfully practicing as registered architects from acting under the instruction, control, or supervision of their employers, or to prevent employment of project representatives from acting under the immediate personal supervision of the registered architect who prepared the construction documents.

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