Preroofing Conference

The project designer should specify a preroofing conference. This meeting is normally attended by the roofing contractor (including the job-site person who will be in charge of the work), the building owners representatives (including the project designer), and the general contractor. An inspector familiar with the type of roofing being installed, if retained, should also attend. If the project has a lot of rooftop mechanical or electrical equipment, these subcontractors would also normally attend the meeting.
The purpose of the meeting is to review the salient features of the drawings and specifications, to ensure there is understanding by all parties. If there are problems with the design or other aspects of the project, the intent is to identify and resolve them prior to commencement of the field work. As part of this meeting, the roof deck should be reviewed to verify that it is ready for roofing. The need for avoiding damage to the work after its completion should also be discussed.

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