Masonry Cements

Masonry cements, or as they are sometimes called mortar cements, are intended to be mixed with sand and used for setting unit masonry, such as brick, tile, and stone. They may be any one of the hydraulic cements already discussed or mixtures of them in any proportion.
Many commercial masonry cements are mixtures of portland cement and pulverized limestone, often containing as much as 50 or 60% limestone. They are sold in bags containing from 70 to 80 lb, each bag nominally containing a cubic foot.
Price per bag is commonly less than of portland cement, but because of the use of the lighter bag, cost per ton is higher than that of portland cement.
Since there are no limits on chemical content and physical requirements, masonry cement specifications are quite liberal. Some manufacturers vary the composition widely, depending on competition, weather conditions, or availability of materials. Resulting mortars may vary widely in properties.

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