Corrugated Sheets for Roofing, Siding, and Decking

Although the use of corrugated sheets of thin steel for roofing and siding leaves something to be desired for weathertightness and appearance, they are used for barns and similar buildings for some protection against weather elements. They are cheap, easy to install on a wood frame, and last for many years if galvanized.
(Corrugated steel sheets are the oldest type of cold-formed steel structural members.
They have been used since 1784, when Henry Cort introduced sheet rolling in England.)
The commonest form of corrugated sheet, the arc-and-tangent type, has the basic cross section shown in Fig. 8.19a. Its section properties are readily calculated with factors taken from Fig. 8.19b to f and substituted in the following formulas.
The area, in2, of the corrugated sheet may be determined from

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