Built-Up Air-Conditioning Units

Built-up air-conditioning units differ from packaged units in that built-up units are assembled at the site, whereas components of packaged units are preassembled in a factory. Built-up units are usually limited to the larger-size units, with capacity  of 50 tons and over. They provide cooling air in summer and heated air in winter.
In intermediate seasons, the units may provide 0 to 100% outside air for ventilation, with economy control or enthalpy control. The units come complete with prefilters, final filters, return-air fan, dampers, and controls, as required. The units may be installed outdoors at grade or on rooftop, or indoors as a central-plant unit.
A built-up unit usually is enclosed with sandwich-type, insulated panels, which incorporate thermal insulation between steel or cement-asbestos sheets. Special details have been developed for connections of enclosure panels to provide rigidity and to make them weatherproof or airtight. Access doors should be provided between major in-line components.
Built-up units can be made as a complete system with return-air fan, refrigerant compressors and air-cooled condensers for outside installations. Other types without these components are available for split systems that utilize remote refrigerant compressors and condensing units. In chilled-water systems, chilled water is pumped to the cooling coil from the remote chilled-water unit. Heating water is also piped to the heating coil from a remote heat exchanger but with its own separate pumping system.

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