Special Analyses

Space limitations preclude more than a brief listing of some of the special analyses required for various special types of reinforced concrete construction and selected basic references for detailed information. Further references to applicable research are available in each of the basic references.
Seismic-loading-resistant ductile frames: ACI 318; ACI Detailing Manual.
High-rise construction, frames, shear walls, frames plus shear walls, and tube concept: Planning and Design of Tall Buildings, Vols. SC, CL, and CB, American Society of Civil Engineers.
Environmental engineering structures: Environmental Engineering Concrete Structures, ACI 350R.
Bridges: Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Structures, ACI 343R.
Nuclear structures: ASME-ACI Code for Concrete Reactor Vessels and Containments Structures, ACI 359, also ACI 349 and 349R.
It should be noted that the ACI 318 Building Code specifically provides for the acceptance of analyses by computer or model testing to supplement the manual calculations when required by building officials.

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