Combined Bending and Axial Loading

When a bending moment and an axial force act on a section of a structural member,
the effects of the combined stresses must be provided for in design of the member.

Bending and Axial Tension

Members subjected to combined bending and axial tension should be proportioned
to satisfy the interaction equations, Eqs. (10.26) and (10.27).

Adjustment factors are discussed in Art. 10.5.
The load duration factor CD associated with the load of shortest duration in a combination of loads with differing duration may be used to calculate Ft and Fb*.
All applicable load combinations should be evaluated to determine the critical load

Bending and Axial Compression

Members subjected to a combination of bending and axial compression (beamcolumns) should be proportioned to satisfy the interaction equation, Eq. 10.28.


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