Tension Members

The nominal tensile strength, Tn, of an axial loaded tension member is the smallest of three limit states: (1) yielding in the gross section, Eq. 10.22; (2) fracture in the net section away from the connections, Eq. 10.23; and (3) fracture in the net section at connections (Art. 10.18.2)

where Ag is the gross cross section area, An is the net cross section area, Fy is the design yield stress and Fu is the tensile strength.
As with all of the member design provisions, these nominal strengths must be divided by a safety factor, , for ASD (Art. 10.4.1) or multiplied by a resistance factor, , for LRFD (Art. 10.4.2). See Table 10.1 for  and  values for the appropriate member or connection category.

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