Examples of Arch Bridges

Thanks to the cooperation of several engineers in private and public practice, detailed information on about 25 arch bridges has been made available. Sixteen have been selected from this group to illustrate the variety of arch types and forms in the wide range and span length for which steel arches have been used. Many of these bridges have been awarded prizes in the annual competition of the American Institute of Steel Construction.
The examples include only bridges constructed within the United States, though there are many notable arch bridges in other countries. A noteworthy omission is the imaginative and attractive Port Mann Bridge over the Fraser River in Canada. C.B.A. Engineering Ltd., consulting engineers, Vancouver, B.C., were the design engineers. By use of an orthotropic deck and stiffened, tied, solid-ribbed arch, an economical layout was developed with a central span of 1,200 ft, flanked by side spans of 360 ft each. A variety of steels were used, including A373, A242, and A7.
Following are data on arch bridges that may be useful in preliminary design. (Text continues on page 14.44.)

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