Bolts in Combination with Welds

In new work, ASTM A307 bolts or high-strength bolts used in bearing-type connections should not be considered as sharing the stress in combination with welds. Welds, if used, should be provided to carry the entire stress in the connection. High-strength bolts proportioned for slip-critical connections may be considered as sharing the stress with welds.
In welded alterations to structures, existing rivets and high-strength bolts tightened to the??requirements for slip-critical connections are permitted for carrying stresses resulting from loads present at the time of alteration. The welding needs to be adequate to carry only the additional stress.
If two or more of the general types of welds (groove. fillet, plug, slot) are combined in a single joint, the effective capacity of each should be separately computed with reference to the axis of the group in order to determine the allowable capacity of the combination.
AREMA does not permit the use of plug or slot welds but will accept fillet welds in holes and slots.


In steel erection, fasteners commonly used include bolts, welded studs, and pins. Properties of these are discussed in the following articles.

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