The Health and Safety File required under CDM Regulations

The purpose of the Health and Safety File is to provide clients, and those who may do work for them in future, with information on any residual risks remaining within the finished structure. This may be needed for cleaning and maintenance, future construction or alteration and eventual demolition. The planning supervisor has a duty to ensure that the file is prepared and passed to the client and the other participants have a duty to ensure that all relevant information is supplied accurately and promptly. As preparation of the file will be one of the last actions relating to the project it is important to decide early on who is responsible for producing it. The file should not contain records of past plans and risk assessments but should include:
A brief description of the work and how any pre-existing hazards have been dealt with.
Key structural principles, safe working loads and exclusions on types of loading.
Any hazards with regard to materials used and for cleaning and maintenance.
Information for removal of any plant or equipment and any related hazards.
Location and marking of services including electric, gas, fire fighting systems.
As-built information and drawings showing means of safe access and exit from all parts of the structure.

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