Other associated conditions

ACE Forms of Agreement

The Association of Consulting Engineers produces a series of forms of agreement suitable for the employment of a consultant or other person to carry out studies, design, construction supervision or management of various types. These agreements are compatible with the standard ICE forms of contract but are also intended for use alongside any of the major forms of construction contract setting out the obligations and liabilities of the consultant and defining his duties. Other forms of agreement are also available for project management, planning supervisor (CDM Regulations), designer to a D&C contractor and for sub-consultants.

CECA Sub-contract forms

The Civil Engineering Contractors Association produces a standard form of sub-contract for use with the standard ICE forms. Several versions are available to use with particular main contract conditions, such as ICE 7th edition and D&C. These sub-contract forms are generally known in the industry as the Blue Form and care must be taken to identify which blue form applies to any specific sub-contract. Forms are also available for use with GCWorks 1. The sub-contractor is deemed to have full knowledge of the main contract and many provisions such as for payment, claims and variations are intended to reflect the terms of the main contract. Mechanisms for dealing with disputes also reflect the standard ICE conditions and provision is made for these to be dealt with jointly where the matter in dispute affects both contracts.

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