Tests on Mortar

The following tests are conducted on the prepared mortars to ensure their quality:
1. Crushing Test
2. Tensile Strength Test
3. Adhesive Test.
1. Crushing Test: This test is carried out on a brick work with the mortar. This brick work is crushed in a compression testing machine and the load is noted down. Then the crushing strength is obtained as load divided by cross-sectional area.

2. Tensile Strength Test: The mortar prepared is placed in a mould of bricket which has central cross-sectional area as 38 mm × 38 mm. After curing the briquette [Fig. 2.3] is pulled under the grips of tensile testing machine. The ultimate load noted. Then the tensile strength of mortar is load divided by the
central cross-sectional area.

3. Adhesive Test:  Two bricks are joined together with mortar to be tested as shown in Fig. 2.4. The upper brick is suspended from an overhead support. A board is hung from the lower brick. Then weights are added to the board till the bricks separate. The adhesive strength is the load divided by area of contact.


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