Construction Project closeout and termination phase

Finally, as the project nears completion, a number of special activities must take place before the contractors responsibilities can be considered complete. There are the various testing and startup tasks, the final cleanup, various inspections and remedial work that may result from them and the process of closing the construction office and terminating the staffs employment. In addition, a myriad of special paperwork is required, including approvals and certifications that allow the contractor to receive final payment, a set of as-built drawings that include all changes made to the original design, operating manuals, warranties and a final report. The contractor will also be responsible for transferring and archiving project records and will conduct some sort of project critique and evaluation; operator training may also be part of the contractors contractual responsibilities.

We begin, in Chapter 2, with a description of the various options available for project delivery systems and the types of contracts that can be used to bind the owner and contractor in a legal agreement.

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