It is a naturally available metal in the form of ores which contain small amount of iron and sulphur.
After removing impurities, it is processed electrolytically to get purest metal. This metal is almost indestructible. Copper scrap can be processed to get original copper.

Properties of Copper
1. It is having reddish brown colour.
2. Its structure is crystalline.
3. It is highly ductile and malleable.
4. It resists corrossion.
5. It can be welded easily at red heat condition.
6. Dents on the copper can be hammered out.
7. It has high electric and thermal conductivity.
8. Its melting point is at 1083┬░C.

Uses of Copper
1. It is used as electric wire and cable.
2. It is used as lighting conductor.
3. For water proofing the construction joints copper plates are used.
4. Copper tubes are used for hot and cold water supply, gas and sanitation connections.
5. It forms a major constituent of brass and bronze.

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