It is present on the surface of earth crust in most of the rooks and clay. But to produce the metal bauxite
(Al2O3. 2H2O) is ideally suited ore.

Properties of Aluminium
1. It is having silver colour and bright lustre.
2. It is very light in weight.
3. It is good conductor of electricity.
4. It has very good resistance to corrosion.
5. It melts at 66°C.
6. It is highly ductile and malleable.
7. It has high strength to weight ratio.

Uses of Aluminium
1. It is used to make door and window frames.
2. Aluminium structural members are becoming popular.
3. Aluminium wires are used as conductors of electricity.
4. It is used as a foil.
5. Aluminium powder serves as pigments in paints.


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